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Food labelling can be a powerful tool to drive food system change

Image by Emli Bendixen

When food labelling is designed to truly institute greater transparency and accountability in food production, it can be a powerful tool to drive food system change. 


Food labelling regulatory reform is needed to address the public and institutional interests to make information relating to food safety and standards and food system sustainability available to everyone. It is also an important policy tool to drive societal shifts to deliver the UK’s long-term net-zero commitments.

Balbirnie Home Farm (Angus D. Birditt, Our Isles) 9.jpg

Image by Angus D. Birditt @ourisles, Balbirnie Farm

We need food labels that enable:

Supply chain transparency, traceability and cooperation across the whole food system

Consumers and businesses to make informed purchasing decisions

Farmers and producers to be supported in transitioning into and carrying on playing part in sustainable and regenerative food production

Why it matters to:

There are great opportunities for food labels to empower all food system stakeholders to accelerate the transition to sustainable food production for the U.K.

We are committed to engaging with all stakeholders in a considerate, positive, and proactive manner.


Image by Emli Bendixen,taken at Wilding Cider

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