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Food labelling can be a powerful tool to drive food system change if it is designed to truly institute greater transparency and accountability in food production.

Image by Angus D. Birditt @ourisles

The Consortium for Labelling for the Environment, Animal welfare, and Regenerative farming. 

40+ and growing farming, food, animal welfare, environmental, social civic society organisations, and businesses, representing a diverse range of ecological, social, and governance interests and expertise.

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Image by Emli Bendixen, taken at Crocadon Farm


Image by Emli Bendixen, taken at Roth Bar & Grill 

What Makes Us Different?

We understand the vital importance of taking a food-system perspective. That means, considering the food system in its entirety, and taking into account all elements, the relationships, and the related effects (FAO, 2018).


We believe that food labels must show the whole cycle of our food production - from farm or lab, right through to the final manufacturing process. 


Current models of labelling do not account for the multitude of ways in which one item of food can be produced, and therefore fail to consider the actions of farmers and producers.

Our Vision

We believe in a future in which everyone, both businesses and individuals, are empowered to make informed choices about the food and drinks they buy enabling everyone to become a stakeholder in driving positive changes in our food and farming system.


Image by Emli Bendixen, taken at Charlie Bingham's


Our Mission

To drive food system transparency by rallying key stakeholders across our food system to push the government in the UK to include farm and producer level method-of-production information as mandatory information on food labels for all types of food and beverages, at all points of sale and price.

Image by Emli Bendixen, Wilding Cider

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Image by Angus D. Birditt @ourisles taken at Balcaskie Farms 

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